2 Pairs at N$1190

This is a cash deal only. Buy a complete pair of spectacles plus an eye examination and you get your 2nd pair for free!

Terms & Conditions

  • This offer is subject to the purchase of an eye examination, spectacle frames at a N$599/Brown sticker price point with prescription lenses on your first pair.
  • The free 2nd pair frame would be identical to your first pair of N$599/Brown sticker price point (Spectacle frames in this offer are limited to only a N$599/Brown sticker price point).
  • The free prescription 2nd pair lenses consists of one pair Single Vision lenses with Hard Coat. Any additional lens add-ons will be charged for.
  • This is a cash offer only.
  • Bifocal 2nd pair is available at a N$799 pay-in. The first pair needs to be a bifocal or multifocal lens for this upgrade on the second pair.
  • Multifocal 2nd pair with tint is available at a N$1499 pay-in. The first pair needs to be a multifocal lens for this upgrade on the second pair.
  • Any additional add-ons to the above second pair will result in customer to pay the difference in cash.
  • This offer does not include FREE 80% Spectacle Insurance. Insurance for both pairs can be purchased for N$125 each.
  • Additional charges may occur for prescription sunglasses with extra-large or specialized lenses.
  • Package deal members can take part in the promo: Packages include a frame up to N$299/Grey sticker. To qualify patient has to pay the difference between their N$299/Grey sticker and the N$599/brown sticker frame on the first invoice. Patient then qualifies for the same Brown sticker frame for the second pair.
  • Spec-Savers Loyalty may be earned on all purchases.
  • This offer is subject to change

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